Sunday, March 20, 2011

The "Marie" Girls!!!!!!

                                                  Me feeling VERY "MARIE!!!"

                                                    Amazing Cassandra who presented
                                                      the entire  wonderful weekend!
                                                Jen Hayslip was "OH SO MARIE!"

At the Grand Ball being...FABULOUS!!!!

Some shots of some of the Marie Girls at the Marie Art event And Grand Ball! There are so many I must download and add...want to find photos of my new found LuLu and Marsha and Zoe and Tiffany..etc etc..... more to come!!

Marie's Danse des Fleurs Weekend

                                       Angel Centerpiece I created for my table!

                                My vintage Belt Buckles...many now with new owners!

                                                  My Table display shot!

                                            Some of my clothing mixing old with new!


                                             Sophie owns one of my necklace's and belts
                                              and she wears them so well!

  A box full of my vintage hand made rings!  You can find some of these
in Maryland at the wonderful Frederick store called "TIARA DAY!"

What an amazing weekend full of blissful art presented by Cassandra VanCuren!  I exhibited my vintage finery and met AMAZING like minded women and artists!  Here are a few photos of my exhibit!  Thank you to the incredible Fancy Farm Girl Tiffany for photographing the entire weekend!  I have a new icon in my world of photographic artists!

Marie's Danse des Fleurs

                                                        My Angel Centerpiece!

A most amazing weekend presented by artist Cassandra VanCuren!  I exhibited my work and sold LOTS of my vintage finery to new artful friends! ( but I think I spent everything I made buying other artist's treasures!) The highlight was the Grand Ball!  We were decked out Marie style and said "LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Vintage Embellished Buckles!

A favorite of my creations are my one of a kind, vintage embellished belt buckles! They are a feast for the eyes!I feel so happy when they are sold to the perfect person because they can't be replicated.  I have a series of 12 new designs which will be posted soon!  Be FABULOUS my friends!!!

Fabulous WOMEN/Furs in the Forest, 2011

In the spirit of feeling beautiful, looking beautiful, and being FABULOUS this past Valentines Day my vision was to be one with my camera and the forest and  to capture the beauty of  amazing women who gifted themselves and/or their husbands with the greatest gift of all!! AMAZING day!

Old World Crackled and embellished cross

I loved embellishing this cross with vintage findings!  It has a new home with a very special person in central Florida...the other one I created, in pinks and blues just had to stay with me at my cozy cottage!  I am in the process of designing 2 more which are spoken for! I adore working on these because I think about the beauty of having faith ... Be Fabulous Friends!

Mount Dora has my Heart!

I adore my "Cozy Cottage" in the wonderful historic town of Mount Dora, Florida!  When I arrived for Spring break, I was greeted by a fence full of the most beautiful purple wisteria I have ever seen!! when we first bought the house, we thought it was a weed, we almost cut it down, but decided to wait until Spring! I am SO GLAD we did!!  It smells divine and it is rare to ever see it growing in Florida!  I give thanks for simple, beautiful pleasures such as this!!!...P.S....A wonderful "Artful Afternoon Tea Event" is in the works to be held in Mount Dora!!  Details to follow!! Be Fabulous my Friends!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fabulous Furs in the Forest

Here I am busy on the job photographing gorgeous women in the forest ..It was incredible fun for me using my antique clothing and props...and the photos....STUNNING!!! :)

My Ancient Queen Designs labels

Be an a Queen!