Sunday, October 28, 2012

Country Living Fair, 2012

 The season can never pass me by  without getting myself a "Fall Fix"... it is my favorite time of year and I long to see the beautiful leaves and escape to some cooler temperatures.  This year I went to Georgia and connected with several of my artist girlfriends to shop, create and visit Stone Mountain Park for the Country Living Fair. 

 I stayed with my friend Sherry at her amazing home in a sweet town called Gray and BE STILL MY HEART!!  Sherry's home is nothing short of a Vintage museum.  The photo above is a look at just one of  her amazing vignettes.  I walked around with my eyes huge as saucers trying to take it all in.  Pink and  blue beauty everywhere...and I mean EVERYWHERE!  I told her I didn't need to go shopping anywhere...that I could stay put and shop until my hearts content right at her home and studio.

Shelley, Sherry and I  had a ball taking fun photos all over town and especially loved these old  train tracks.  

  Saturday morning we made our way to the Country Living Fair. 

 It was a PERFECT cool day and the vendors were set up all throughout the woods at Stone Mountain Park.

My favorite tent was  Earth Angels.  So many amazing artist creations.  I bought some wonderful buttons and findings for some projects I have in the works, and also a fabulous little vintage dress!

  "The Country Living Sweethearts" as we called ourselves!

After a big day, we went back to the hotel for a quick rest because something incredibly special was in store that evening. 

 My new friend Rosalyn Sue planned a beautiful artistic evening for us.

 Rosalyn has established an organization called "Operation Stars and Stripes" which provides special items for our overseas servicemen. At this time she is organizing a group to make Christmas stockings which will be filled with simple items our soldiers are without. 

 I brought her 6 yards of wonderful fabric to make stockings and some beef jerky, dried fruit and crossword puzzles.   I am also going to write some letters to send along.  Rosalyn Sue  said something to me I will never forget..."The two things I am most grateful  for are my salvation and my freedom..."  

If any of you have extra fabric or wish to provide any items that can help in this project, please let me know!

We enjoyed appetizers, champagne and fabulous desserts and then created our own "Love letter Pouches."  All of the beautiful embellishments were provided and we let the creative energy flow!  Rosalyn Sue did this for us all simply out of the kindness of her sweet heart.

Here I am with the wonderful Rosalyn Sue and Heidi...BEAUTIFUL spirits inside and out and precious new friends.  I am so grateful for the artist friends  and women in my life.... Have a beautiful week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Posh Poodle Party!

 What a wonderful celebration for my Queen Satine and her 7 puppies!  It was a gorgeous breezy Sunday afternoon  and friends and potential puppy purchasers visited and we played with the pups for hours!

 I have loved having my hands filled with these bundles of love for  the past  five weeks!  They will be able to go to their new homes in a few more weeks and I wonder, what will I ever do without all of the puppy love!

 This is the Posh Poodle Cake  we enjoyed with Pink Champagne!  I jumped for joy when it arrived!  It was exactly what I had envisioned.  I LOVED the pearl necklace and the "S" pendant!

 It wasn't easy, but with a lot of help we  were able to get a shot of all 7 on their party day! 

 This is the first time their little faces and tails were shaved and the pups took on a totally different look.  I have been calling them "my little lambs!"

 This is the necklace I wore at the party layered with pink pearls!  

It has been such a wonderful experience, this journey of Satine's first litter.  So much fun in fact, that I do believe I shall do it again someday! 

 It's funny how the little things in life make you the happiest...just watching the puppies these days playing and running and having fun is like happy medicine for the soul!  Hope this finds everyone happy and blessed!  I am off to Georgia this weekend for The Country Living Fair so I will post again soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So Many Fall Blessings!

 The Fall has brought so many blessings for myself and my family, and my business as well.  

One of the most special gifts has been 7 new puppies born September 14.  Satine, my standard poodle is the Mom and it has been such JOY to relish in the puppy  bliss!  They are now 4 weeks old and growing by the minute.  This is my son and I on his 16th birthday and this is what we have been doing for the last several weeks!

A new poodle litter deserves a special celebration...  It's a Posh Poodle Party!  It is a chance for friends and potential puppy purchasers to come see the pups, sip some pink champagne and have some "Poodle" cake!  Sunday, October 21 from 2-6pm.

 I was honored to be featured in this Fall's edition of Vintage Finds magazine with a BEAUTIFUL 3 page feature of my photography work!  It is a wonderful central Florida based magazine all about Vintage shops, stores, artists and ideas.

 I am thrilled to announce my custom vintage finery is being exclusively featured  at Vintage Charm  in downtown Naples, Florida.  You will find these one of a kind belt buckles along with my greeting card line, altered clothing and more!  I will be doing trunk shows here a few times a year and will announce the dates as they are scheduled.

One of the things I love most in the world is the season of Fall.  It is my birthday time and has always filled my heart with joy!  The gorgeous warm colors, comfort food, cooler weather and most especially, time when I can PUT ON MY BOOTS!  I confess to be a complete boot junky and I would wear them all year long if I could!

 This week I have been at my Cozy Cottage in central Florida preparing for my art event in November and I was so happy to connect with one of my favorite people in the world, LuLu Kellog! 

 LuLu is an amazing jewelry artist from my home state of Maryland and she was in my neck of the woods showing at the Souls of Sanford event.   We spent the day shopping and lunching in Mount Dora.  It was a day we wished would never end...and sweetest of all..

I was gifted with this gorgeous necklace LuLu made for me!  I adore it and will treasure it always!

Wishing you all  an amazing love filled Fall!  xoxo