Saturday, May 26, 2012

Affaire at Tiffany's ...  Manhattan Beach California... about an affair....this my friends,  was beyond words!  I have been wanting to gather myself for weeks and blog about this over the top event, but I was overwhelmed because there are so many GORGEOUS photographs of the entire weekend, a girl could get lost forever trying to post them all.  Tiffany,  The Fancy FarmGirl captured the entire event and if I didn't have to get back into the art studio and create orders due, I would post EVERY one of them!  Here are some favorites!  I am sure you will feel the BLISS!

The incredible Kim Caldwell, hostess of Affaire at Tiffany's is the most beautiful and talented artful beauty queen!  The attention to detail was present every minute of the weekend, from the candy bar to the gift bags, we were treated with "Tiffany Perfection" all weekend!!

There are no words as an artist to describe how amazing it is to surround yourself with other artists who share the same love...I see old friends and meet new.... and sometimes, I am so overcome by the joy, I just sit back and sigh and say "Thank You" to the Heavens...

I took full advantage of the theme and had a ball dressing up "Audrey" style!!

I was honored to exhibit and sell my art on the vendor night!    It made my heart fill with joy seeing so many of the ladies purchase  my work!


                     This embellished train case I created went home with a special someone for her art studio! So glad it has a great home!!!

       The artist swaps were took hours to present all of the swaps!  Sleep masks, and slippers, necklaces and THESE!!!  Audrey Shrines!!!  DIVINE!!

       I was so busy in the art studio preparing for the event that I had to pick one special swap to participate I picked the evening bag swap.  Here is the vintage purse I embellished for Lauren!

            And here is the one I received from her!!!  SO Audrey FABULOUS!!!!!

                     We were gifted with the grandest pajama party complete with a candy bar and the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys!!  BLISS!!!!!!

And then if you can possibly imagine...we were whisked away on a 12 hour shopping tour!!  Oh..I need more lace!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memories of a lifetime, art beyond description...beautiful spirits and Tiffany Splendor...I shall never forget..

Saturday, May 12, 2012


It was a beyond beautiful day at The Fancy Flea with my amazing artist friend Cassandra Van Curen.  Combining our artist spirits is always a treat and a gift!

Cassandra's stunning swag and lace covered tent top was such a huge hit!!

Our tent hustled and bustled all day long!

I had to stop time in the moment for my sweet girl Lilly to hear her story!  She is such a divine up and coming young girl who LOVES everything vintage!!!!!!!!!

Cassi put her heart in the moment and stocked a vintage cooler full of treats and a homemade variety of sweet Teas!!   We both sold our treasures all day long  to such special people and I wished the day would never end!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farewell Fabulous Texas...

I will remember every moment of this dream come true event...I can't wait until next year..I think it will be a Texas tradition forever..see you at Beauty in Blue 2!!

Out in the Blue...

 Hello Friends!

My artful journeys have kept me traveling the last few months!  I have much to catch up with on my blog!  Here are a few more photos of the Bliss at my Beauty in Blue event!

We did a shoe swap...embellish a shoe and fill it with treasures!  This was mine!  It was a 1912 wedding shoe. So Beautiful!  Sherry now owns it!  I saved the other for me...  I will embellish it and display it in my art studio!

There were three projects for the weekend all boasting shades of blue!  This was called the "Beautiful Blue Vignette" taught by Fabulous Molly Knox

This is the "Bountiful Bucket of Blue" taught by the delightful and wonderful Jennifer Hayslip!

                   And this was the project I taught, The "Belle in the     Bluebonnets" Statement necklace!      

Stacy from The Whitworth Ranch Retreat was truly the greatest hostess ever!  I wanted to make something for her to remember the event by, so I created this "Moment in Time" piece.  It was a clock that didn't work anymore so I took out the face and embellished it with a frozen charlotte.  All of our names are on the back!

                                             More moments in blue!

                   Stacy is an incredible chef who prepared all of our meals.  I was CRAVING tomatoes and she made this beautiful salad!

        A Tex-Mex speciality!  Stuffed Poblano Pepper!  YUMMMMMMY!!!

I took the ladies to all kinds of vintage and antique shops and we shopped until
we dropped at the Canton Market!