Monday, April 22, 2013

Join me for Springtime Fun in Mount Dora!!!!

Milestone for a Mom....

Why is it I thought this day would never come? 

 That little shy and reserved girl who never left  my side is now the most gorgeous young woman I have ever laid eyes on...I am ever so proud....

Hayley and Jesse went to Senior Prom and I think my heart broke a little....  but then I stop myself and say, "This is what we as parents have strived for"... to say that we have raised incredible independent, and loving children is all we could wish for.

She and Jesse are both on their way to FSU this still my heart and give me strength! 

 One great advantage is that my Cozy Cottage in central Florida is about halfway between here and Tallahassee.  I am hoping for girl's getaway weekends, (fingers crossed!)

It was on this night that I made a commitment to myself...instead of looking behind and wishing to turn back time, I want to CELEBRATE... this and every moment of my blessed and beautiful life.  

Fun Projects in the Studio this Weekend!

  How I adore angels...messengers of peace ...this little one  was precious to begin with, but I wanted to make him even more glorious for his owner Christine....

And now, he is embellished with finery... I adore working on little pieces such as these...they sit in the studio for a while until the perfect little findings present themselves to me.

 I do not begin working on projects like this  until every little element is gathered... it makes creating so much easier!

I kept having this  feeling as I was working on him that  his name was Raphael... this happens to me often...I just get the feeling of a name sometimes as I am creating... I looked up the name and it means "God has Healed".... I hope he loves his new splendor!

This is an "Itty-Bitty-Corset" as I call it, given to me by my sweet friend Judy.  She found it in a thrift store and felt it belonged with me. 

 She was right!

  I adore it so much that I wanted to see  it every day!  So with a little embellishment love, I decided to make it the centerpiece of my window in the art studio!

I am so in love with the outcome!! :)  xoxoxo

Monday, April 8, 2013

Beyond Beautiful Banner Swags!

Joy filled the air as we received our gorgeous swags from one another at Beauty in Blue.  Heartfelt love went into creating each and every one and I am sure they are being treasured in their new homes!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Hands of Time Clock swap!

2 Project swaps were hosted in Texas, a banner/ swag and an altered clock.  All of the participants worked very hard and created TRUE ART Pieces!

 The ladies reactions as they received their swaps were PRICELESS!

Beauty in Blue Projects

In between all of our shopping, playing and dining, we created two beautiful projects...  Embellished vintage train cases and beautiful boudoir bottles!  Here are just a few!!

A Blue Bonnet Ball fit for a Queen!

Have no doubt...these beauties can ROCK THE HOUSE!  We were treated to a most wonderful "Blue Bonnet Ball" by the AMAZING Stacy Seely of  The Whitworth Ranch Retreat! 

Stacy made sure we had the Texas show down of our lives!  Attention to every detail of the food presentation including Texas fare served under a burlap and crochet covered wagon, and wine glasses etched especially for Beauty in Blue left us breathless!!