Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage Charm of Naples Trunk Show


It has been a pleasure to work with Carol of the fabulous Vintage Charm store in downtown Naples, Florida. A bit more than an hour away, Naples is like a whole other world, just across the highway!

I have been creating for Vintage Charm and the trunk show was a special chance to meet many who have purchased my works.

Carol set up a special venue on this cool crisp afternoon in the courtyard and we had wine, cheese and a wonderful meet and greet evening!  

Thank you so much to my personal  assistant Heather Coronel for being my right hand on occasions such as this...she helps me do it all and then works her magic with the camera behind the scenes!

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      Heather Coronel Photography.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Big Surprise!

I adore happy surprises! 

My friend Judy celebrated her 50th birthday and because 50 is so fabulous, as well as is Judy, it was time for a special surprise!  

Judy's favorite artist in this whole world is the amazing Karla Nathan.  My first idea was to treat her to Birdsong, Karla's event happening this June, but it wasn't in the cards for Judy to get away to Kansas, so I re-thought the plan and decided to bring a little touch of Birdsong to Florida!

  Judy's sweet daughter in law Erica jumped in on the idea with me and we flew Karla in for the SURPRISE OF  A LIFETIME!!

I was EVER so grateful that Karla took the time to make this wish come true...and ever so happy that I was able to share some one on one time with a special friend!

It was a weekend of BLISS!  We shopped and dined and created a most fabulous Karla created project,  little fairy birdcage cloches!

Saying goodbye was so very difficult...but I had a little warmth in my heart knowing I will see Karla in a few short months at her Birdsong event!  I just can't wait!  Visit Karla's oh-so-special blog at

And a MILLION thanks to my sweet friend Cassandra Vancuren for these incredible photographs!  Visit Cassandra at 

Beauty in Blue, 2013

How do I begin??


The tradition remains and once again, I presented Beauty in Blue, an artful weekend retreat for women deep in the heart of Texas at the amazing Whitworth Ranch Retreat.

Many of us had attended my first Beauty in Blue event, and we also had some new artistic women join the fun! 

 We are scattered around the globe.... from Florida to Georgia to Chicago to California.  Something beyond words happens when  creative souls gather for an intimate and artful weekend.  Gorgeous art pieces are created and forever friendships are forged.

I will share many more photos of our projects, swaps, etc soon, but I just had to share a little preview today!

 More coming soon my friends!!!  Sending you love as BIG as Texas!! xo

Girlfriends are a gift you give yourself....

I do believe it's true.... my girlfriends are one of the greatest gifts the Lord has bestowed upon me.  The laughter, the fun...the love.  I have a little group of 12 women here in Florida and we call ourselves "The Coffee Club Queens."  

It began with women who were dropping off kids at school and who ran across the street to a little bistro for coffee and conversation.  Since then, many of those "kids" are now graduating college.  It became a group who gathers  to celebrate each of our birthdays.  A group who supports one another's happy bliss as well as difficult times.  A group of true devoted friends.

I wanted to do a little something special for the girls so I hosted a Valentine's breakfast for them.  It was a beautiful morning and we had pink champagne and a sit down breakfast I adored serving them all.  We did a "pamper me" swap of beauty products and had mini massages!  

Celebrate the special women in your life and tell them you love them!

One of my favorite highlights of the Valentine's breakfast were these incredible pink chocolate cherub hearts created by my amazing friend Cynthia.   Her chocolate creations are beyond your imagination!  Do you need one of a kind confections for a special event or celebration?  Contact Classic Chocolates by Cynthia at (213) 500-1493.

Valentine's Day Bliss

Hello My Friends!

I must ask forgiveness for not blogging for so many weeks!

  It is only because I have been such a busy bee in my art filled many beautiful and honorable things happening these days with publications, trunk shows, events!  

I am sharing a published story on my Queens of Art event which was featured in a most BEAUTIFUL 8 page feature in Creating Vintage Charm!  It is such a gorgeous publication meant for artful and creative can subscribe here: