Friday, August 24, 2012


I am excited to announce Beauty in Blue 2013.

This is a small and very special artistic weekend in one of my favorite places ever...Texas!
Only 12 spots available.  Visit the blog for all details.  You can find the button on the right of this page!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


The Nutcracker Sweet Ballerina Shoe.....

I am so thrilled to have completed this sample ballerina slipper  I will be teaching at my Cozy Cottage Christmas event in November! 

 I do believe it  is unique, magical  and a special piece of fabulousness I can't wait to  share with my beloved attendees...

 I can't wait to see all of the individual creations that come forward  from this sample!  Each will have their own special take or idea...
It will be like Christmas in November!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Candy Cases

Eye Candy for your cell phone!

What is the one item you use more than any other?  Besides your purse or your sunglasses, it's your cell phone and your cell phone deserves some BLING!!

 These are my custom created I Phone cases and they are all one of a kind, using vintage findings and fabulous BLING!  These are on their way to a gallery in Captiva, Florida but you can request your very own!  What colors do you love?  What things do you love?  Flowers? Crosses? Hearts? Maybe even "Hello Kitty?"..
The choices are endless!  Inquire Within!!

xoxoxox :)

This is Queen Satine!  (pronounced Sa-teen)  She is my gorgeous standard poodle whom I adore with all my heart!  She is named after Nicole Kidman's character in my all time favorite movie, Moulin Rouge.  There is excitement in the air as we are awaiting her first litter of puppies!  I have had many many animals in my life, but have never experienced having puppies so I am over the moon excited!  I have never had such a smart, gentle loyal dog in my life!  Her litter is expected September 21st and I just can't wait! If any of you may be looking for a gorgeous puppy, or know someone who is, let me know!  I will keep you updated on the new arrivals!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My summer Travels have been amazing this year!  I adore visiting the north where I grew up in Maryland. There are many special places I love to go and treasure hunt!  I found this sweet small figurine and created this piece out of a vintage candlestick holder and a small vintage butter dish!  The dome and embellishments are from a line I recently discovered called Melissa Frances.  I am in love with her line! I will be posting some more of my Summertime creations soon!  This sweet piece is on it's way to my space at Pattie Anne's Vintage Land in Mount Dora!   $75.00  Have a beautiful week!