Friday, January 31, 2014

Don't miss The Cottage Chic Sale!

WOW!!  I am so blessed to say I have gathered my FAVORITE and finest vendors for this special sale at my Cozy Cottage in central Florida!  

If you are anywhere in the surrounding area and can join the bliss, please visit!

It is the same weekend as the antiques and collectables show in downtown Mount Dora...  you can visit this amazing one of a kind sale at my cottage and venture just blocks away for the downtown festivities!

Hope to see you! xo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wonderful Wreath Swap

My friend Judy and I decided we would love to do a holiday wreath swap this Christmas.  We both started with a white wreath base and let our imaginations soar!

This is the BEAUTY Judy made for me.  In shimmering creams and golds, it is breathtaking...

Perched in the bottom is a gorgeous storybook doll decked out in her furry winter hat along with a precious vintage deer..... and how I LOVE her rhinestone star wand!

And this is the one I created for Judy!  I used pinks, gold and creams.  I tucked in little snow dusted roses in tribute to my Roses in the snow event that was held this November, and also some vintage brooches and earrings...

My favorite part is the sweet bisque doll I embellished and nestled in the bottom.  She holds a little "Joy" banner.  I love her headpiece...was saving that vintage necklace for something EXTRA special...this was it!  I think she has a wonderful "Gatsby" look...

The top embellishments are a pink silk ribbon from a 1900's little girls dress, and a fabulous large rhinestone crown.  

Nothing could be better than an item you will be able to gaze upon Christmas after Christmas.   I feel as though I don't want to put mine away until next year... I want to keep it out all year long.

It is a joyful thing to make a unique item and exchange with such a creative friend.  Can't wait to decide on our next swap!  xoxo

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Exciting Things to Come!

I am honored and excited that my Roses in the Snow event is being  featured in the next issue of Creating Vintage Charm Magazine.  In addition to the story, my styled mannequin for the event is gracing the cover!

This is a BEAUTIFUL magazine brimming with all things divine for those who love vintage treasures, art and pretty living.

You can subscribe to this wonderful publication here:

Coming this Spring, I am excited to announce my Cottage Chic sale to be held at my Cozy Cottage in Mount Dora, Florida.

Unique vendors will gather behind the white picket fence and offer shabby chic treasures galore and more!  This also falls on the same weekend as the antiques and collectables show held downtown just a few blocks away.  Hope you can come shop and join the fun!

A Lamp Makeover!

I spent a wonderful Saturday treasure hunting and came upon these fabulous lamps... I had been searching for a long time!  Sometimes one has something very specific in mind, and these were exactly like what I had envisioned...  

I found a great pair of pleated white shades...loved them because of the way the look against the sheer curtains.  Very crisp and clean, I felt I wanted to add a little something extra....

I had a pair of 1920's shoe clips in the studio I had stashed away for the perfect reason and this was it!  I created medallions with them on backings of vintage lace and crochet.....

A few hand stitches to the shade and it is the perfect finishing touch!

They have taken their place on my nightstands and have made me
and my bedroom oh-so-happy!  :):):)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, A New Life!

Happy New Year to all!!  I just had to share a little peek at one of my recent photo sessions...  I was asked a week or so ago  how long I have been a photographer and it took my breath away to admit it....22 YEARS!  WOW.. where on earth does the time go?  I have photographed babies that are now off to college, families that now have grandchildren, kindergarten children who are becoming engaged, on and on. (but remember, I am not getting any older! :)

Not so many years ago, I was photographing with a 35 mm camera and true film and thought I would NEVER go digital.  I still do feel that true film will always have my heart... but times change, and eventually, I gave in to the new age.

  Back then,  there was no view window to look and see what you captured.  It was the REAL DEAL of understanding lighting, F Stops and shutter speeds and having to wait until the film was developed to find that magical shot.  No photo shop and editing images to make everything disappear!  I am grateful for my photography career and that I will always keep the "old fashioned" true rules of the trade in my work.

Meet Precious Paula Ann... a pre-Christmas gift born on her mommy's birthday.  I was in awe because this sweet baby slept and slept and let me pose her in every way I wished.  No photoshop magic here...she really was on the present and on the chair and was truly a little angel who allowed me to bring my visions to life!

A New Year, A New Life...isn't it the greatest gift of all?