Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcoming my Queens of Art!!

I will admit it.. I am a hopeless romantic...can't help it!  I am in love with love,  and the romance of it all...this is why a Valentine's event stirred in my mind ...artful women surrounding was more than a year of planning and was worth every moment of thought and detail.

From the statues in my yard,  to the light fixtures in my home, all  boasted  Valentine's Splendor,  and I only wish this weekend could have lasted forever and ever...but it will, in my heart,  and in the hearts of the women I was blessed to host on this special weekend...
May love live in all of your lives not just on Valentines Day, but each and every day of the year!


mollyknox said...

Queens of Art was a weekend I will never forget!! Karen, you made every detail of the event special and memorable. There was amazing art projects, delicious food, meaningful time spent with friends, new and old, and as Jessica said, being in your home was like being inside of a jewelry box. Your home is elegant and inviting. The entire experience was completely perfect in everyway. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for hosting. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
This was the most spectacular event and I am so honored that you included me in it. Every last detail was perfect. All of the meals were so delicious and presented so beautifully. The classes were fabulous and taught us so many new techniques that we will be able to apply in the future. You made all of us feel so welcome and comfortable in your beautiful home. It was a pleasure creating with so many like minded ladies. I can't wait for the next event.

Heart Vintage Design said...

So glad to have found you! Just started to follow you on Blogger : ) Love you pics!

Heart Vintage Design said...

I so love the white mesh top!!!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a beautiful celebration with your friends. Every detail is gorgeous. So happy I found your pretty blog. I am one of your newest followers. Hope you drop by and say hello.


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