Saturday, April 7, 2012


   I simply must give a sneak peek into the bliss of my Beauty in Blue event in Texas!  

  The photographs I SHOT ARE ENDLESS!  The Beauty is beyond imagination..a dream came true for me!  Here is a quick  look..many more postings to follow!
                                The gift bags that awaited my beauties!!

                           Miss Molly!   Major Beauty "KICKED IT  UP" in the 
                 Blue Bonnets!

My camera found a fairy queen in the blue bonnets!  My friend Jennifer Hayslip!...DIVINE!!!!

       The BEAUTIES IN BLUE..we shopped, created, laughed 
       and had a major party all weekend!!


                        As a photographer, it was a dream for me to capture images in the blue bonnets..I stayed on for 4 days after my event for scheduled photo sessions. The Blue bonnet is the  Texas state flower...after my photo sessions, I just sat in the field until the sun went down...there is peace and magic within the blue bonnets!!

My friend Sherry took the camera and captured my moments among the "BLUE!!"  

                          Everything was about the beauty of the color

                 A dream like subject...Ali.. my camera LOVED her!

           We had our own little artist cottage at Whitworth Ranch Retreat and our projects all boasted the tranquil colors of blue and white..  Posting more photos soon!

Captured these best friends in the blue bonnets...what could be more wonderful???



 This is the signature cocktail I served my girls in the blue bonnet field along with wine and cheese after our visit and photo sessions! It was DIVINE!!

OHH the food we were served by Stacy at the retreat was AMAZING!  It was one wonderful meal after another!!


   Molly's sweet Easter bunny boxes!  

Chocolate chip scones Stacy made us!  (complete with her  home made marmalade!!!!!! YUMMY!!)

                                I was in heaven in the blue bonnets!!!

                  The first stop we made once all the girls arrived was at The Red Shed Antiques who hosted us with sweets and wine!  I was blessed with hospitality all over Texas!!!  More postings to follow my many amazing photos of this weekend to come!
And by the is official...the retreat is booked for next year for BEAUTY IN BLUE 2! OH I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!


Julie Ann said...

ah- I've been waiting for posts about your event!! So sad to have missed this one- I love all things blue!! And you all look like you had so much fun :) I hope I'll be able to attend next year!

Unknown said...

It was a dream come true Julie Ann!! Hope you can join us next year!!!!!!!xo:)

mollyknox said...

Karen, there aren't words to describe how amazing our weekend in Texas was! It was so wonderful spending a weekend with 9 beautiful, inspiring, artful women. I will always cherish our memories and the joy we all shared...and what a joy it was to see one of your dreams come true in the blue bonnets! Thank you for everything! I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this event. You are the queen of making dreams come true!

mollyknox said...

p.s. you look stunning in the blue bonnets! you are SO fabulous!!! xoxo

Unknown said...

MOLLY I adore you!!!! That is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me! Every now and then life brings you a Forever Friend...I will cherish you forever!

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers • Italian Girl in Georgia™ said...

Karen ~

I heard first hand what a delight your event was. The photos are fabulous and I look forward to seeing more. I was with you in spirit!

Ciao bella,

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Another FabYOUlous event ... you just have to accept that you are the QUEEN of FABULOUS ! I wish every woman could experience the love and care you put into everything you do. If they only knew about the special treats and adventures and fun we share....thank you thank you for another wonderful memorable treasured time. (()) said...

It looks soooo beautiful! I've been enjoying the photos on Facebook as you posted them too.

Linda P. said...

Karen!! I forgot that I had not commented here yet!!! Count me as one of your adoring fans! I so loved meeting you and the other ladies at Beauty in Blue! I will treasure my memories of this event for the rest of my life.

I know your dream had been to capture portraits in the beautiful bluebonnets, and I was so thrilled to see it come true for you. Did you know, Karen, that YOU also made a dream come true for ME? It had literally been a DREAM of mine to attend an art retreat. I didn't know if it would ever happen until I read of yours planned here in my Texas! For months after I signed up, I was blue obsessed in I-can-hardly-stand-to-wait anticipation of your event.

Thank you so much for all your hard work for us. Hugs and hugs and hugs.

Charlene said...

Oh your photos are so pretty!!!! I wish I could have come to play with all of you but,I had Round Top, company here for 14 days & I'll be at Kim's Event so I had to get ready/$$$$ for that. Can't wait to meet you there. Charlene