Friday, January 25, 2013

Holly Jolly Magical Bear!

                                    My Favorite Christmas Treasure!

  This is "Holly Jolly Magical Bear " created for me by my FABULOUS friend Jennifer Hayslip.  I am such a fan of Jennifer's art and I knew when she began this sweet creation and that it was going to have a Christmas theme, she had to be mine! 

 She has taken her place at my Cozy Cottage in central Florida and I adore her so much.  Whenever I look at her, I smile and think about the hours Jenn spent making her  extra special for me.   I just can't "bear" to put her away and decided I need to see her always so Holly Jolly Bear will be on display all year!

You can see more of Jennifer's amazing work on her website,

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Jennifer Hayslip said...

Awww....Im SO happy sweet Holly Jolly Bear has the perfect home!! Im jealous of Holly Jolly!! I want to live at the Cozy Cottage!! ha!! Your friendship is SO special to me Karen and it was my pleasure and honor to make this darling bear especially for you. :) Love you!! xoxo,Jenn