Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun Projects in the Studio this Weekend!

  How I adore angels...messengers of peace ...this little one  was precious to begin with, but I wanted to make him even more glorious for his owner Christine....

And now, he is embellished with finery... I adore working on little pieces such as these...they sit in the studio for a while until the perfect little findings present themselves to me.

 I do not begin working on projects like this  until every little element is gathered... it makes creating so much easier!

I kept having this  feeling as I was working on him that  his name was Raphael... this happens to me often...I just get the feeling of a name sometimes as I am creating... I looked up the name and it means "God has Healed".... I hope he loves his new splendor!

This is an "Itty-Bitty-Corset" as I call it, given to me by my sweet friend Judy.  She found it in a thrift store and felt it belonged with me. 

 She was right!

  I adore it so much that I wanted to see  it every day!  So with a little embellishment love, I decided to make it the centerpiece of my window in the art studio!

I am so in love with the outcome!! :)  xoxoxo

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Darlene said...

I love how you embellished everything. Very Pretty. take care, Darlene