Sunday, September 8, 2013

Randy's Steam Punk Travel Case

Did you ever have the gift of meeting someone that you felt within minutes you have known for a lifetime?  Someone who makes you smile, laugh, and then smile again?  Someone who observes and appreciates every little  thing about you and compliments you to the fullest degree?

That would be my friend Randy.. since I was gifted with his presence for the first time some months back by my dear friend Karla, it has been non stop laughter, love and FABULOUSNESS!

I went to visit Randy and Kevin on Sweet Cherry Lane for a weekend of PURE BLISS!  Randy decided it would be a "Somewhere in Time, Gatsby Gathering" and let me tell you..the weekend was nothing short of the greatest  of Great Gatsby Parties ever...

Randy emerged as Gatsby himself... I was so overwhelmed at how much he WAS GATSBY from the movie...OH SO Leonardo DeCaprio!  I could NOT STOP smiling...really...I mean, pinky ring and all!!!

I do believe I was Daisy for the night.. we had the most divine dinner under a tent of magic.  Besides being an amazing friend, Randy is the greatest dance partner EVER!!!!  Oh, we were just "beautiful little fools" all night long!!

Truly the  hosts with the most... as if life was not love filled enough, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Kevin!  Our saying was: "you are everything and MORE"... Kevin cooked for us all weekend and even took me on an early morning yard sale run where I learned SO much!!

Gatsby and his Gals!!!!!!!!  Sherry joined us from Georgia and the fun never stopped!!!

Now... Of course there was creative bliss all weekend as well!  Randy loved my embellished train cases and it was time to make one for him!  He loves Steam Punk Style so we put a plan in motion!  Kevin found this AMAZING case we think was a military case of some sort...

And the creative bliss began and took us here...

I had some old black velvet ribbon that I stitched lots of fun time pieces to and we decoupaged the sides and top.... one of the things I loved most was using the black zipper trim...Steam Punk FABULOUS!

It turned out to be a divine masterpiece... so "RANDY!!"

The finishing touch was making a fun medallion for the front of the case with an old watch part, key and button.

I can't wait to get my self back to Sweet Cherry Lane someday again soon.  Making memories like these are life's greatest blessings and dearest gifts...xoxo Randy and Kevin!

3 comments: said...

They are wonderful hosts, and Kevin is as good at garage sailing as Randy is at dancing. A fun and talented pair. I missed seeing you all there. Next time!

Sherry Williams said...

I had a wonderful time. I really enjoyed you and Randy dancing and laughing! Randy and Kevin are the best. I love all of you to pieces!


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