Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Beautiful Flora Bella Tribute Poem!

I Must share this amazing poem my dear friend Jeanie wrote about the beautiful Flora Bella Art event.  It is so touching and warmed my heart beyond measure!  Thank you sweet Jeanie!

                                  Flora Bella Weekend
                                      by Jeanie Hatch

 A call was sent into the ether
And as I sat, I wondered whether
Should I attend the planned event
And what would happen if I went?
The Herlong Mansion called to me
from the quaint little town of Micanopy.
Standing majestic through centuries,
Surrounded with verdant, stately trees.
Framed with moss, the boughs hung low
showing such beauty to those below.
The trees seemed to whisper and summon me near.
As I drew closer, a path did appear
It beckoned me onward and then led the way
To a beautiful garden there on display.
The flora, the flowers, the bushes, the trees,
How precious our Lord is to make all of these!
To gaze upon them brings such a delight.
What beauty they add to each day and each night.
Blissfully I was sent to my room for a rest
While I awaited the arrival of each special guest.
Six bella beauties arrived on the scene.
We went to the splendid front porch to convene.
Draped in bright colors, how we sparkled and shined.
We sipped our champagne and then went to dine.
Forging new friendships and treasuring the old,
We treated each other like silver and gold.
Laughing and sharing our hopes and our dreams
We acted like royalty and were treated like queens.
Each countenance so lovely and each smile so bright,
we shared and conversed till well into the night.
Classes were taught on the following days
By Cassandra and Karen who taught secret ways.
How sweetly and patiently they taught us the skills
To make flowers from ribbons and embellish with frills,
To concoct potions with flowers and wear them to be
A bella, a beauty, for all to see.
We traipsed through the town and stopped by to see
The angels and headstones in a cemetery.
We pondered our death and impending doom
As darkness enveloped us like a tomb.
Quickly we ran and shuddered in fright.
We hugged ourselves dearly and cherished our life.
Poems were read that brought tears to our eyes
And sadly the time came to say our goodbyes.
Cassandra and Karen, Erika and Marie,
Sherry and Jeanie, we all will be
Traveling back in time in our memory
And seeing etched there, so sentimentally,
A weekend in time that turned out to be
One that we will cherish eternally.

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