Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Blessed Easter Brunch

One of the greatest joys  about the art world is having some amazing dear friends who share the exact same interests.

  My friend Molly Knox, (lillycakes.blogspot.com) who lives in Tampa, is not only one of the most talented women I will ever know, but she is the truest of friends.  She has taught along with me at many of my art events and we have shared  laughter and joy beyond imagination....

 Molly opened her home to 10 of us for the most dreamy, delicious and delightful afternoon. 

 We all created a decoupage Easter Egg/candlestick project.  I haven't finished the candlestick part yet,   but here is a little peek.....

I ADORE it!!!!!!

The details were SPLENDID...  It was a pastel Easter Wonderland!

Cassandra Van Curen, (artfuladventuresphotography.com) worked along with Molly on all the details of this beautiful day.  Have you ever known such creativity?  Look at these tea bag covers she created!

And speaking of Cassandra, she is embarking on what I think is her true destiny...  She has purchased a stunning piece of property in central Florida where she and her husband will be building a gorgeous barn, sort of like this, but even grander!

  It is going to be a destination for weddings, parties and divine celebrations.

The most FABULOUS thing I believe is the name....


Well... this was such a reason to celebrate so I surprised Cassi with this sweet barn cake!  It was such a happy thing!  It was a light vanilla  cake with raspberry filling and was DELICIOUS! 

Some of us created little gifts for each of the ladies at the brunch.  My garden was overflowing with fresh rosemary so I made some lemon rosemary bath salts for everyone.

 Home made bath items are my new obsession!  I love making them!

Becky created these beautiful cones for all and.......

Judy created these sweet peep jars for all!

I will forever remember with gratitude this amazing weekend!

Wishing you all a beautiful Easter ....

HE IS RISEN!!!!  xoxoxo