Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Few More Blissful Kozy Kottage Photos..

   Molly and Lilly made these chocolate covered pretzels for us and we indulged in them all weekend long!!

Here is the Soft and Beautiful Banner Molly painted over the doors in my bedroom!  So So Precious!

Our sweet friend Linda found out we were having a girl's weekend at The Kozy Kottage and she made us all one of these precious framed mini's!  It was so sweet of her to think of us!  We felt gifted all weekend long!  

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Linda P. said...

Love getting a peek at some more Kozy Kottage goodness from your weekend.

What a soothing, beautiful painting of the "Dream" banner by Molly, and I love the sweet birds on each side.

Those pretzels look yummy, and what a special mom/daughter project for Molly and Lilly to create together.

So glad you liked your mini shadow boxes. : )