Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girls Only Karen's Kozy Kottage Weekend!

What a wonderful weekend I spent with my artist friends Francie and Molly and Molly's sweet daughter Lilly at my Kozy Kottage in Mount Dora! 

 It is my special "Happy Place" about 3 1/2 hours from where I live in South Florida.  I call it my Artist's retreat, and I light up every time I walk through the door!

We did fun projects all weekend!  Francie painted a plate rack and some details on my china cabinet, and Molly stenciled a beautiful banner on the wall in my bedroom that says "Dream"...(Photos soon!)

I baked homemade bread with Lilly and it was DELECTABLE!!  we served it with honey butter!

Lilly played with Satine, my sweet Standard poodle all weekend!!

Oh, when artful friends gather, there are always such wonderful gifts!!!  I received 2 of the most SPECIAL  treasured items ever!  This AMAZING 1950's Prom Gown from Francie which is so stunning, it will have it's own special place on a wall in my Kozy Kottage!

And THIS Beautiful Framed piece that Molly made for me!  We had found some old skeleton keys in a drawer and Molly used one for this project she had in mind!  She hand stitched the words and it is something I will cherish forever!

Sweet Lilly LOVES Vintage and had spoken for so long about wanting to come to the Kozy Kottage!  She was so excited!   I had wanted for a very long time to photograph Lilly...I knew she would be such a beautiful subject!  Here are just a few of the many beautiful shots I took! 


                     I call this shot "Lilly with a Lilly" sweet!    


                     And this I call "Kozy Kottage Queen"



        No girls weekend is complete without a little pampering!!  
         We did hand treatments and mud masks!  I wish I had a
          photo of all of us together!  

    I am always heavy hearted when I leave this little house, but the fun and love and memories remain within until the next time I open the door and say...."Hello Kozy!!"....  xoxoxo


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Karen it is the most delightful, joyful, peaceful, loving cottage ... I hated to leave it too !
The photos of sweet Lilly are priceless and sure to be family heirlooms.
Thank you for the sweet gifts you gave me but most of all thank you for one of the sweetest weekends evah(()) Francie

mollyknox said...

I ditto everything sweet Francie said! I love you girls to pieces. Thank you Karen for photographing my sugar plum and for giving us another unforgettable weekend of "fabulosity"! xoxoxo

Linda P. said...

Karen, thank you for the peek into that fun weekend you gals had! It sounds like you all left feeling pampered and with sweet memories.

I love Satine! She looks so elegant--such a presence about her!

I bet Lily felt like the most special little gal ever, getting to hang out with you lovely ladies.

Gorgeous prom dress from Francie! And I love that beautiful framed art piece Molly made you!