Monday, January 13, 2014

Wonderful Wreath Swap

My friend Judy and I decided we would love to do a holiday wreath swap this Christmas.  We both started with a white wreath base and let our imaginations soar!

This is the BEAUTY Judy made for me.  In shimmering creams and golds, it is breathtaking...

Perched in the bottom is a gorgeous storybook doll decked out in her furry winter hat along with a precious vintage deer..... and how I LOVE her rhinestone star wand!

And this is the one I created for Judy!  I used pinks, gold and creams.  I tucked in little snow dusted roses in tribute to my Roses in the snow event that was held this November, and also some vintage brooches and earrings...

My favorite part is the sweet bisque doll I embellished and nestled in the bottom.  She holds a little "Joy" banner.  I love her headpiece...was saving that vintage necklace for something EXTRA special...this was it!  I think she has a wonderful "Gatsby" look...

The top embellishments are a pink silk ribbon from a 1900's little girls dress, and a fabulous large rhinestone crown.  

Nothing could be better than an item you will be able to gaze upon Christmas after Christmas.   I feel as though I don't want to put mine away until next year... I want to keep it out all year long.

It is a joyful thing to make a unique item and exchange with such a creative friend.  Can't wait to decide on our next swap!  xoxo

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