Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Poodle Palace!!

                  My Friday night project.... I found this unique piece in my travels this Summer and knew I wanted to use it for something special.  It is a very old French pocket watch casket.  It was used on the dresser to hold the watch and display it when it wasn't being worn.  

   I own a beautiful standard poodle, Satine whom I adore and in just about 2 weeks she will be having her first litter of puppies.  I have never had a puppy experience before and am very excited!  I found these little miniature poodles and they were the perfect size for my vision in the watch casket.  I took out the inside and used crystals, some vintage flowers and embellishments and......

It became "THE POODLE PALACE!"  It is ever so sweet and I love how it came to will be a treasure to always remind me of Satine's first puppies!

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Linda P. said...

Hi, Karen!

I was not familiar with "watch caskets." What a name! I loved seeing your before and after photos. What a beautiful transformation how special that your creation was made in honor of Satine and her upcoming pups.

I can't wait to see pictures of the little sweeties. Only two more weeks!