Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sweet Surprises..

It's the little things...the "just because" things that make me smile! 

 My sweet and artful friend Erika left me a little box of treasures at my door for no reason at all...just to say "thinking of you"...there were embellished little notecards, sweet shabby pencils in a sewn pencil pouch, a fabulous sparkly "K" and a beautiful cross necklace...(pink and blue of course!)  It just made my day and thrilled me!  Girlfriends are just THE GREATEST!  Have a beautiful week!

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Linda P. said...

What a nice surprise! We should all remember what joy just a little something can bring into someone's life when it is unexpected and given with love. Thanks for sharing this story, Karen. It is fun to get a peek at what your friend left for you. : )