Saturday, August 24, 2013

Something Old, Something New...

 I have a fondness for vintage wedding cake toppers and this is one of the most precious ones I have ever laid eyes on!  It is from the 1940's and I found it on a shopping venture in Texas at one of my favorite places ever...The Girls Gone Junkin'.  

I adore working on things that have special qualities, but just need a creative eye in order to shine all over again.

  I knew this little forgotten piece of loveliness deserved some attention, and working on it made me feel I was paying tribute to the wedding couple who owned it so many years ago...

 I wanted to leave some of the original millinery in place but it was quite faded.  A little mist of Vintage pink glimmer mist took care of that!  Painting the base of the topper really brought it back to life!

  I added some other vintage millinery, along with some new, and made the little bride a new 2 layer lace dress in place of her faded crepe paper dress.

 I added some special bling and details, and all at once, something old, is something new to be cherished by a special someone all over again!

This sweet piece along with some of my other one of a kind creations will be available for purchase at Annabelle's Vintage Land in Mount Dora Florida next week!

xoxoxo, Karen

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