Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer love....

 It has been such a fabulous Summer..I have lived in Florida for many years and although I love it,  in my heart I am a northern girl!  

Every Summer we visit my hometown in Maryland, and my husbands hometown in upstate New York.  Each and every time we leave, a piece of my heart stays behind.

There is something special about cool nights and mornings, low humidity, walking along creeks in the woods and...blueberry picking!  This particular morning was so beautiful...  I even wore a light sweater!

 It was the first day Blueberry Hill opened the farm to pickers and I loved every minute of the 6 pounds of berries we picked.  I made jam and bread and coffee cake and was even able to bring home several bags to freeze!

And then there are the treasures!!!  The prices are so reasonable at my favorite spots.  I find everything from laces to bisque dolls to sheet music.  Lots of items to use in my art work, but also lots of special pieces to bring back for resale.  One of my favorite finds was this lovely lot of cream and sugars!  They are all available in my booth at Annabelle's Vintage Land in Mount Dora.

Wishing you all love and the happy simple joys of Summer! xo